Sinclair Ferguson

Dr Ferguson formerly served as senior pastor of St. George's-Tron Parish Church in Glasgow, Scotland and as Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas, and pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina.
The above photo is courtesy of Dr Elmer Duncan.

C. J. Mahaney Interviews Sinclair Ferguson
Biographical Sketch - Monergism

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From Banner of Truth:
Sinclair Ferguson's Critique of Norman Shepherd's The Covenant Context for Evangelism
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Sinclair Ferguson Accepts Position at Westminster's Texas Campus

Sermons from First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC
Sermons from
Midweek Series - Park Cities Presbyterian Church
Audio from Westminster Seminary, Texas
Theological Education Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow - Highland Theological College
HTC Opening Day - Highland Theological College
The Beattitudes - Christian Counterculture

From Mt Zion Online
The Saint And The Law
The Free Offer Of The Gospel
The Marrow Controversy: Historical Details
The Marrow Controversy: Dangers of Legalism
The Marrow Controversy: Dangers of Antinomianism
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The Shepherd's Scrapbook: Sinclair Ferguson

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